Corporate headshots on company websites.

If you are planing to update or refurbish your company website then think how you want your ‘about us’ or ‘meet the team’ profile page to look like.
We still find successful client’s whose current people profile page is full of inconsistent amateurish profile photos. No matter how much you spend on a great website designer and good copywriting, the pictures on that page will be the first thing a viewer looks at. If the photos are poor, the page seems unprofessional, reflecting poorly on your company.
You need to find a professional corporate headshot photographer and utilise their skills to make you company websites profile page look like you have a great team working for their clients.
You need all the corporate headshots to be consistent. Each person needs the same scale head and shoulders crop and with the same style of soft studio lighting. People need to be dressed the same i.e. all in suits or all casual. The background needs to be consistent. A white web-friendly background makes the page look crisp and sharp, and you are not distracted by lots of different background noise.
We think the leading reason company’s skip getting their corporate headshots taken professionally is the logistics of getting all their people in their office on any given day. The best plan is to book the photographer to attend the offices on two half days. That way, you can be sure to get everyone’s headshot taken. And if you get any new team members over the coming years, you can call the same corporate photographer back in to replicate what they did previously.
We know that building new company websites is expensive and time-consuming. The design and copy are always top of the agenda with businesses. Instead of seeing the people profile page as something that just needs to be filled with photos, try and see it as a way of promoting your company. Show how professional your team are. Don’t cut any corners on your corporate headshots, as doing so might save you a little money, but it will reflect poorly on your company over the long term.

Corporate headshot sample for company website about us page.
Corporate headshot sample for company website about us page.