Corporate headshots with office backgrounds.

Corporate headshots with office backgrounds can sometimes be a little tricky to capture.

Our clients are starting to commission more corporate headshots of their people with their offices in the background. We are delighted with this as a blurred office background can give the corporate headshot a sense of working environment. 90% of the time we find clients’ offices in London bright and on the whole very tidy and photogenic. Occasionally we come up against a problem when being asked to capture the headshots in a boardroom. Some boardrooms are lit with these small tungstens spotlights, and these give the interior a great atmosphere, but for photography, they are troublesome. You have small areas of intense light and then darker areas which a camera cannot expose that kind of range. If we try and light the area, this destroys the ambient light in the room. 
We had a commission this week, and although we managed to capture a complete set of corporate headshots for our client, when we looked at them in post-production, we decided we would see if the client preferred a brighter office background added in.
The samples below show the original corporate headshot captured at the client’s London offices and also the same corporate headshot with a brighter office background added in post-production. 
Another option is if we shoot at a client’s London office, then we can bring our dark or light background and capture your corporate headshots with the popular LinkedIn style headshot with the white background and also add an office background or London background, which gives further options when using the headshots in other media.
If you are thinking of commissioning corporate headshots with office backgrounds then we suggest that you take a photo on your phone of certain areas and rooms that would be available for the shoot. Send these to the corporate photographer and ask them if they foresee any potential problems. Most professional corporate photographers will have plenty of experience and can advise for the best solution. We have worked with clients who have had doubts about the look of their offices and we have suggested to many that their office will be ideal for the shoot, Some others we have suggested hiring a modern serviced office for the day.
corporate headshot with original London office background
corporate headshot with original London office background
corporate headshot with an added brighter office background
a corporate headshot with an added brighter office background