Do I need a professional corporate headshot?

When we promote our sevices on social media, we oftern get asked- Do I need a professional corporate headshot.
We talked to an accountant about our business, and they asked about our services. We explained that we supply corporate headshots and LinkedIn profile photos. He asked what we charge for a LinkedIn profile photo, and he was very surprised that we charge £120. This made us look into why some business people will invest in a professional corporate headshot and how others feel it is not necessary. 
After chatting to a few business people, we came to the conclusion that it depends on what kind of professional position you hold. By this, we mean if you are employed in a relatively secure job and not using LinkedIn as a marketing tool, then paying out for a professional profile photo would seem rather pointless.
Here are some instances where we see people coming to us for a professional corporate headshot.
1. Company directors. Running a company, you are the figurehead of your business, and your LinkedIn profile will need to look professional.
We work with many London companies that see the importance of their ‘About Us’ page on their site, and we capture consistent quality headshots to keep these pages looking presentable to their clients.
2. Self-employed. You are marketing your business and trying to gain new clients. Make sure your profile photo does not let you down. We know paying out for a professional corporate headshot might seem expensive in the short term, but the benefits it will bring to your marketing can not be denied over the long term.
3. Between jobs or looking for a new position. If you are looking to find new employment and you are approaching new companies, the first place they will look is your LinkedIn profile page. Do not cut corners here and assume that as you have a great description of all your merits, the profile photo does not matter. Remember, the first thing people look at on a website is the photos. Do you want potential employers or clients to get a poor first impression of you when they visit your LinkedIn profile?
Do I need a professional corporate headshot?
Do I need a professional corporate headshot?