Frequently Asked Questions about having your corporate headshot taken.

How long does a headshot session take?

You can expect to be in the session for 20 minutes. 5 mins balancing our professional lighting and 15 mins capturing a variety of poses, stances and facial expressions. 

Do you come to me, or do I have to come to you?

We have three location options. We can bring our pro lighting and background to your London office or home, and we offer outdoor corporate headshots in London too. If you prefer, you can also come to our studio in Beech Street near the Barbican.

How quickly can you get the corporate headshots back to me?

 You’ll receive the preview headshots from us within 24 hours. Once you have selected the five photos you would like retouched, we will  undertake any digital enhancements that are required and return them to you within a further 24 hours.

How much does it cost?

We like to keep this simple, so all our LinkedIn profile photos and corporate headshots packages are offered at a flat rate of £120 +VAT.

Do you provide a makeup artist?

There really is no need for a makeup artist. We offer a digital re-touching service as standard. Read more about it here.

What should I wear for my corporate headshot?

 We generally advise that you wear the outfit you’d wear for work. Or for a business meeting. Remember that your LinkedIn profile is your personal, professional brand, so however, you would dress when meeting a client is probably what you need to wear.

Can I get a London background?

We offer a London service, which can be done outside a pre-agreed site. However, most of our City clients like to opt for a Photoshop edit. We capture your corporate headshot at our studio, and then we digitally add a London cityscape behind you. It is a great deal more straightforward, and the results are impressive, and you are not at the mercy of the British weather.

Frequently Asked Questions about having a corporate headshot taken in London

  If you have any other queries that have not been answered by our frequently asked questions page please get in touch and we will be delighted  to help you out.