How much should I pay for a corporate headshot in London?

Finding out how much should I pay for a corporate headshot in London depends on several factors.

Firstly you need to decide if you prefer a studio headshot shoot or a working environment as your background in your headshot. The studio shoot will be more expensive as the portrait photographer’s studio costs are added to their fees. If you ask the photographer to capture your corporate headshot with your office in the background or with a London landmark behind you, then you should be able to get a better deal.
A quick search online and you can see that headshot photographers can charge between £100 to £500 for a single headshot session. Price will always be a factor, but you should also think ahead and choose your photographer on his headshot portfolio. We have written before about why you should have a professional corporate headshot and the significant role in making you look professional in your business sector. So whatever your budget, make sure you are not skipping on the quality of the headshot just to save some money as it will cost you more in the long term.
Another factor is availability. If you urgently need a corporate headshot, you will have to book with an available portrait photographer. If the photographer you want to work with is fully booked, this tells you they are in demand and therefore good at what they do. Do not leave your LinkedIn profile photo or headshot as something that can be added to your profiles at a later date. Get it booked in and sorted sooner as commissioning a corporate headshot as a deadline looms is going to see you pay more and not get the photographer you would have wanted.
Check before you commission your portrait photographer what is included in their package. Photographers all included different post-production work, and there is no standard to what you should get for your money. Ask how many headshots they will capture for you. You might only want a single headshot for your profile page, but you will enjoy a decent choice to select from. You will want different expressions and stances and maybe a change of outfit. Ask the photographer what is included in post-production. Are you going to be given all the headshots they capture, and how many will be retouched and airbrushed? Editing the digital headshots is important as removing spots and scares and reducing any imperfections such as dust and hairs on clothes can be expensive if you have not agreed to be included in your corporate headshot commission.
Corporate headshot captured in London offices.
Corporate headshot captured in London offices.