How to find the right photographer for your corporate headshot.

Tips and suggestions on finding the right photographer for your new business headshot.

You have made the decision to get your corporate headshot captured by a professional photographer. What is the next step? Some people will ask around friends if they know a good photographer. Others will search the internet for a photographer in their area. We suggest that you refine your search to a good portrait photographer who has a strong portfolio of corporate work. The reason for this is that there are many different types of photography, and although a photographer might be at the top of their game in their sector, it does not mean they will be able to fulfil your needs. Good professional travel, packshot, lifestyle and sports photographers will not be suited to capture your corporate headshot. No matter how much you like their portfolios, it is unlikely they will have the right setup and experience for a high-quality corporate profile photo.

Start your search for the right photographer who has a portfolio focused on business and corporate images. Remember, a corporate headshot is for promoting yourself as a business professional. Avoid falling into the trap that your profile photo needs to make you good looking as this is not a dating app or social media profile photo.

Remember costs will vary as different pro photographers charge their prefered rates. Do not assume that the more you pay, the better the headshot will be. Take your time to go through photographers portfolios and find a style that you feel fits with your needs, and you can negotiate from there. Prices in London range from £100 to £400 for a corporate headshot, so try and be flexible with your budget and always check what the photographer includes within their quote. Check that the photographer will give you all the headshots captured on the shoot and that they will not be charging any usage fees for images used in different media. Find out how many headshots will be retouched and airbrushed. You might only need one for LinkedIn or your company profile page, so make sure this is included in the photographer’s fees. Do not assume you can edit your headshot on an app or photo software. A professional corporate headshot photographer will be editing their work every day and will be very experienced and have the best image editing software.

sample professional corporate headshot 1
Sample professional corporate headshot 1
sample professional corporate headshot 2
Sample professional corporate headshot 2