How to get an affordable corporate headshot.

We are looking at ways to get an affordable corporate headshot from a professional corporate portrait photographer.

Here are a few tips on reducing the price of a corporate headshot commission in London. A decent corporate headshot will make you look professional and approachable, so it is worth doing. Search for the style of headshot you prefer and then source a photographer whose studio is local to you or is willing to travel to your London offices. You will find that prices vary but do not decide on cost alone as the end result matters, especially as it will represent you as a business professional.

Once you have selected your portrait photographer, you will have a chance to negotiate prices. Sometimes there is minimal movement in prices as fixed costs to the photographer such as studio rates, and equipment costs mean they have a small margin on profit and therefore will not reduce costs. You can always ask if they will include any post-production work in their fees. This will save you money as editing and retouching can add up if you want multiple headshots worked on. Also, see if they will offer discounts if you bring another person with you. You will have partners or business friends who need a new affordable corporate headshot. See how many you can gather together to bring to the studio and what discounts you can get as numbers increase.

When you get the quote from the photographer, make sure you have agreed to have a full licence to all the headshots over an unlimited time. Some photographers can add terms to their images that restrict their usage, and this practice is more commonly found when buying photographs for reproduction for picture libraries. So check that you are not limited to using the headshots on a website but not in print format. You need a written agreement that allows you to use your new headshots in all media over an unlimited period.

Tips on how to get an affordable corporate headshot.
Tips on how to get an affordable corporate headshot.