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Office Sessions

For LinkedIn Headshots, this is the number one choice. Most of our clients find it intrudes less on their day.

We bring our own screens and lighting, so the finished result looks very much like a studio photograph. You’d not be able to tell the difference.

You don’t need a make-up artist, or anything apart from yourself in your outfit of choice, plus 30 minutes out of your day and a quiet corner of the office in which to set up.


Studio Sessions

For many of our clients, the office is a busy and distracting location. There’s usually something else going on, or colleagues that need to speak to them. And in some cases, they will struggle to find a quiet corner to actually take the pictures.

If you are updating your LinkedIn profile to make a career move, you may also prefer the discretion of a studio session. 

At the studio.

Straightforward, no fuss. Peace, quiet and privacy.

Woman LinkedIn profile photos in London


London Sessions

Although not quite as popular for LinkedIn, we are being asked more often for headshot photographs with London scenes in the background. 

Our clients often feel that it sets the scene for their LinkedIn profile. There are two options here, you can either select a location with us and …..