What is the best stance for your corporate headshot?

We all remember being told as children that we should stand up straight with your chin up when we have your photograph taken. In this stance, we were then repeatedly told to smile. This is not the best stance for a corporate headshot or any other kind of portrait, and people look awkward and uncomfortable if you pose like this for your corporate headshot.
The best stance for a corporate headshot is to lean forward a little towards the camera. This gives the impression that you are interested in the viewer. It also puts the head in a good position by dipping your chin and making your eyes appear larger and more centred within the frame. Smiling in your corporate headshot is the choice of the individual. Some people smile naturally, and others do not. Do what you feel natural, and it will look natural in the corporate headshot.
We assume that the portrait photographer you are working with has got you in a standing position. Try to turn your body at 45 degrees to the camera, so one shoulder is more prominent. Bring your head to face directly to the camera. This is the best stance for your corporate headshot as you look approachable and professional. Standing front on to the camera can look like a soldier on parade.
If you prefer to sit for your corporate headshot, then we suggest having a table in front of you. The same rules apply. Do not lean back in the chair; this looks lazy and has the same result as looking up under someone’s chin. Lean forward with one arm resting on the table. You might need to twist the chair slighting to get this position, and even if the table is not in the photo, your stance will be perfect for your corporate headshot.

We share tips and ideas with our clients when they ask what the best stance is for their headshot. Sometimes we have clients who have clear ideas about what they want, and in these instances, we adapt our stance guides to meet their requirements.

Best stance for your corporate headshot.
Best stance for your corporate headshot sample.