Professional corporate headshot in London offices.


Office Sessions

For corporate headshots, this is the number one choice. Most of our clients find it intrudes less on their day.

We bring our backgrounds and pro lighting, so your new headshots look exactly the same as a studio headshot. You’d not be able to tell the difference.

You don’t need anything apart from yourself in your outfit of choice, plus 30 minutes out of your day and a quiet corner of the office in which to set up.

After the shoot we also include our free digital make-up service. You select your favourite headshot and we professionally retouch and airbrush any flaws so it looks like you on a really good day.

What should I wear?


In general please avoid extremely bright colours and strong patterns, as they can be too distracting, especially when more than one portrait is seen together in print or on a web page. People’s faces and positive attitudes should stand out.

Men: Dark blue or grey are good for suits; stark black is not recommended. Lightly pinstriped suits are also fine. A jacket is usually worn for the headshot, although we can do versions with and without jacket or tie, if requested.

Ties should be understated. A small pattern works better than a large bold stripe or pattern. Tie should match the shirt well, in both colour and tone. If in doubt, bring a second tie.

Shirts should be well pressed, and blue, white, or other light-tone colours are fine. Shirts could have a light, soft pattern, but high-contrast patterns or stripes do not photograph well, and make retouching of wrinkles difficult.

Watches and glasses are fine to wear if you normally wear them.

Women: Jackets, suits, or dresses should be solid colour, black, white, or a soft pattern.

Shirts or tops should not be too seasonally specific. Solid colours, white, and black are recommended; understated patterns are fine too, but bold patterns do not photograph or retouch well. Photos will not show subjects below the waist so there is no specific recommendation on pants/skirts.

Scarves, if worn, should follow the same rules as a tie: choose soft patterns and avoid extreme contrasting colours.

Hair should be worn as you do in most business settings. If you like we can shoot a couple different options (hair down or pulled back, for instance).

Makeup should be understated. Necklaces, stud or small hoop earrings, bracelets, and watches are all fine to wear. 

What background should I choose?

Standard professional white background are very popular with clients using their new corporate headshot on LinkedIn. We can also bring a dark grey background if you wanted a more imposing feel to your corporate headshot. We also can shoot with a blurred office background so your have a work environment in the background.

When will I get my new corporate headshots?

We will send you previews of all your new corporate headshots the following day via our secure download link. Once our invoice is paid we send over all the high res versions of your headshots.


Studio sessions @ Beech Street 

For many of our clients, the office is a busy and distracting location. There’s usually something else going on, or colleagues that need to speak to them. And in some cases, they will struggle to find a quiet corner to actually take the corporate headshots.

If you are updating your LinkedIn profile to make a career move, you may also prefer the discretion of our Beech Street studio. 

Corporate headshot captured at our Beech Street studio.

At our Beech Street Studio.

Straightforward, no fuss. Peace, quiet and privacy.

London studio corporate headshot with cityscape background added in post production


London Corporate Headshots.

Working as a City professional many of our clients like to have a London cityscape background in their corporate headshot.

There are two options here, you can either select a London location with us and we will meet your their on site or in post-production we can add a London scene from our photo library.