When do I need a professional corporate headshot?

A professional corporate headshot is great for your business profile but it will cost you money and time to get it captured by a corporate portrait photographer. So when do you actually need to get a professional corporate headshot taken?

Let us start by looking at when you do not need a pro headshot. If you are a student and studying for a degree or master’s then you are not really in the work marketplace yet and therefore anyone looking at your LinkedIn or business profile will not be expecting to see a professional corporate headshot. It might look a little odd actually if you do get one as it will be in contrast with the student lifestyle. 

If you are in full-time employment and your work is mostly internal within your company then you do not really need a professional corporate headshot. If you do not have contact with external clients or suppliers then there is no reason for needing one.

You do need the help of a professional corporate portrait photographer if you are starting out in business and are looking to source new clients or looking for employment. The first thing businesses will be looking at when you approach them is your corporate headshot on your LinkedIn profile page. You need this headshot to make you look professional and trustworthy. Even if you do not like having your photograph taken please focus on how much better your profile will look rather than what you look like. A good business headshot does not have to make you look beautiful or handsome it is not there for that reason. Its main goal is to make you look professional and a person who has taken the time and invested in presenting themselves as a good person to do business with.

Professional corporate portrait photographers charge very different rates. Shop around and find the style you like and the fees to meet your budget. Here are some different corporate headshot options and packages.

Professional corporate headshot commission in London offices.
Professional corporate headshot commission in London offices.