Why are corporate headshots so expensive?

What makes corporate headshots so expensive in London?
There are several factors that influence the cost of corporate headshots in London. 
1. When a working City professional decides they need a professional corporate headshot to enhance their business profiles they will assume they need to visit a portrait photographer’s studio. The person will want the studio close to the City so they do not have to travel far and this means less time out of their working day. So here is the first factor. The corporate portrait photographer will need their studio to be in a central London location and therefore they will be paying high rental charges. They will need to factor these monthly costs into their corporate headshot rates.
2. Time is another factor. Most people assume it will be a quick process like having a family photo taken. The photographer has to adjust studio lighting to match each individual’s needs. You must allow time to relax in front of the camera as the first headshots captured the person is normally tense as it is not every day you visit a photographer’s studio. The photographer will capture a range of stances and expressions along with a change of clothing so the person has a good selection to choose from.
3. Professional photographic equipment and studio lighting also add to the cost of a corporate headshot. A pro digital camera and a good quality portrait lens are expensive. Now add studio lighting, stands, tripod and backgrounds this soon adds up and is another reason why are corporate headshots so expensive.
There are other ways you can make your corporate headshot less expensive. Find a good professional portrait photographer who does not work out of a studio. They can come to your London offices or home. Make sure they have the required studio lighting and background to bring with them. Ask around friends and workmates whilst the photographer is on-site if they would like to have a new corporate headshot. Most photographers will do a discount as they are set up and this can be shared amongst the sitters.
Although sometimes thought to be expensive a professional corporate headshot is your shopfront to your business sector. It is worth investing time and money to make sure you look professional and approachable on all your business profiles and social media.
Several factors why corporate headshots are expensive in London
Several factors why corporate headshots are expensive in London