Why you should have a professional corporate headshot.

Instead of seeing your corporate headshot as a way of people recognising who you are and what you look like, try looking at it as if it is your business shopfront. This way, you can use your corporate headshot to improve your online business profiles. You don’t have to look glamourous or handsome. This is not for a dating app or social site. This is for business, and the main thing any current or potential clients will want to see is that you are a professional.
When you commission a professional corporate headshot, you are paying for little extras that will all come together to make you look more professional. Firstly, the photographer will be using high-quality studio lighting. This instantly shows that you have had a professional headshot taken, as it is impossible to create this type of lighting without proper studio lights. Also, your corporate headshot background will be clean, crisp and once again shows you are in a studio and therefore have spent money and time to look business-like. And the professional headshot photographer will be using a long portrait lens which will condense the headshot, which would not be possible with a standard camera or phone.
Lastly, the photographer will guide you on how to stand and pose for your headshot. Sounds easy, but you are the last person who can judge how you look when you are in front of the camera.
All these things come together to give you a professional corporate headshot that makes you look confident and experienced and should be used on your business profiles and your LinkedIn company and individual pages.
In our next article, we are going to be looking at the best way to find a corporate headshot photographer that suits the style of headshot you want to commission. Sounds easy, but there are several mistakes that we constantly hear from people who are not happy with the end result.

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