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Business Headshots by London photographer Grantly Lynch

Social Media Business Headshots

corporate photographer Grantly Lynch  Photographer Grantly Lynch  
A selection of commissioned corporate headshots for use as avatars/profile photos on social media sites.  We tend to break down our corporate headshots service into three different styles. All are photographed at the client’s offices or London location.
These are a more formal and traditional style of headshot using studio lighting and with the subject looking to camera. The background is often a plain white or corporate colour.

LinkedIn-London-PhotographyPhotos for LinkedIn Profile London








Profile photos for LinkedIn LondonLondon LinkedIn photography







This set of LinkedIn corporate headshots have a more relaxed and informal style. These show the sitter in a natural pose and have the feel that they have been captured in a meeting in their business environment. These are often used to show a professional but more approachable side to the corporate identity.

business headshot for LinkedIn

professional headshot for LinkedIn








confident headshot for LinkedInbusiness headshot for LinkedIn








Professional headshot for LinkedInbusiness headshot for LinkedIn








The last style is a combination of using the formal approach but incorporating an element of a business office or location to add a more realistic feel to the corporate headshot.

professional business headshot for LinkedInDirector photo LinkedIn London








professional LinkedIn photos LondonCorporate LinkedIn Photos








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Corporate Headshots in The City

LinkedIn Photographer Grantly Lynch

Photographer Grantly Lynch
Formal corporate headshot commission for Prupim who are based in The City. They required traditional ‘to camera’ headshots but they did not want them to look like they were taken in a studio on a white backdrop. We shot these in their boardroom and used available light to keep the headshots looking natural and relaxed.

City London Headshots

Corporate Headshots London

Corporate Headshots in London © Grantly Lynch Corporate Photography Ltd

Headshots for National Law Firm

corporate photographer Grantly Lynch

Photographer Grantly Lynch
Another commission for law firm Shoosmiths LLP. I have worked with them for many years supplying headshots of all their staff for their intranet and for LinkedIn profile photos.  These informal style of portrait have recently become quite popular, but when I started shooting them over ten years ago they were seen as rather contemporary headshots for a large national law firm.

law company portraits

business headshots for Law company

solicitor profile portrait photography

corporate legal photography

staff headshots London

Office headshots

Corporate Headshots London  © Grantly Lynch

Website Profile Headshots

Headshot Photographer

Photographer Grantly Lynch
Commission for national law firm Shoosmiths LLP. These corporate headshots were taken at their offices in Reading and Basingstoke. The interior of the office had plain walls and one long north facing window. I decided to shoot these using only the ambient light as the lighting was already very diffused. It was also a relatively small office and this made it a little harder for the subjects to relax and for me to capture the natural expressions.

business woman headshots

happy corporate headshots

Unposed corporate headshots

Business man Headshots

Natural corporate photography

© Grantly Lynch Corporate Headshots on Pinterest.