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Corporate headshots with office backgrounds.

Corporate headshots with office backgrounds can sometimes be a little tricky to capture.

Our cleints are starting to commission more corporate headshots of their people with their offies in the background. We are delighted with this as a blurred office background can give the corporate headshot a sense of working environment. 90% of the time we find clients offices in London bright and on the whole very tidy and photogenic. Occassionally we come up agaisnt a problem when being asked to capture the headshots in a boardroom. Some boardrooms are lit with these small tungstens spotlights and these give the interior a great atmosphere but for photography they are troublesome. You have small areas of intense light and then darker areas which a camera cannot expose that kind of range. If we try and light the area this destroys the ambient light in the room.

We had a commission this week and although we managed to capture a full set of corporate headshots for our client when we looked at them in post-production we decided we would see if the client preferred a brighter office background added in.

The samples below show the original corporate headshot captured at the client’s London offices and also the same corporate headshot with a brighter office background added in post-production.

Another option is if we shoot at a client’s London office then we can bring our dark or light background and cpature yoru corporate headshots with the popular LinkedIn style headshot with the white background and also add a office background or London background which gives further options when using the headshots in other media.