Tips and ideas for a great corporate headshot.

Here are several suggestions to help you get a great corporate headshot.

Our number one tip is to keep things simple. A corporate headshot is usually relatively small on your company website or LinkedIn profile page. Make sure each element in the headshot is not too busy.
Firstly keep your wardrobe simple. Do not go overboard and buy a new outfit. Wear clean clothes which you would wear to a client meeting. Be careful with bright colours or strong graphic patterns. You want the viewer to be looking at a professional business person and not wondering why you are wearing such bright colours. Keep shirts, blouses and jackets simple, calm colours and limited jewellery.
Secondly, think about your facial expression. They is a lot of discussions about if you should smile in a corporate headshot. Some say it makes you look more approachable, and others say you should look serious as you are you are projecting yourself as a business professional. We would suggest that if you are the type of person who smiles a lot, then go with a small smile. If you tend to smile infrequently or it does not feel natural to you in front of the camera, avoid smiling in your corporate headshot.
Lastly, think about what is behind you in your headshot. This is often overlooked and can really let the side down if you get it wrong. Ideally, you want a simple white or plain grey background. This will not distract the viewer and will enhance your headshot. An office background can work well as it places you in a working environment, but this needs to be done carefully as you want it to be simple and not overly busy. A professional corporate headshot photographer can capture this for you by using a long portrait lens and putting the office behind you out of focus, so it looks less busy and softens and distracting elements. This will produce the great corporate headshot you require to make you look professional on your business profiles.

A great corporate headshot with out of focus blurred office background in London
Corporate headshot with out of focus blurred office background in London