How to look professional in your corporate headshot.

So you have decided to commission a pro photographer to capture your new corporate headshot. You are probably doing this to look more professional on your LinkedIn profile page or your company website. Now you will be thinking about what to wear, should you smile and what sort of background you should ask for. All these things are important, but to make you look more professional, you need to be yourself.
If you are be natural in your corporate headshot, this will come across and make you look professional.
So if you are a quiet, introverted type, then let this come across in your headshot. If, however, you try to appear more outgoing and extroverted, then you will feel uncomfortable doing this, and it will show in your headshot.
When it comes to wardrobe, wear what you would normally wear. That way you will feel comfortable in the clothes. When you think about expressions and smiling, then again, do whatever feels natural. Do not force a smile, as it is really not going to help your headshot.
If you want to look professional, find a pro portrait photographer who you like the look of their portfolio. Show them examples of what kind of image you would like to create for your headshot and work with them to get what you require. Remember that a corporate headshot needs to make you look professional and will directly influence the first impression potential employers or clients will make.
When you start your corporate headshot session with your professional photographer, you will feel a little tight and awkward as it is probably only a few times most people will be in a studio having a headshot taken. The photographer will guide you through a variety of poses and expressions. If they keep asking you to smile or do something that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell the photographer, and they can adjust the shoot to fit your requirements.


Sample corporate headshots showing subject looking professional.
Sample corporate headshots showing subject looking professional.